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, - Bratislava, Slowakei

Slovak National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme


The aim of the seminar is to share approaches, tools and methods related to quality impact measurement of Erasmus+ projects and youth work in general and how to successfully communicate this to others.

Objectives of this seminar are:

  • to analyze and understand why and what we measure impact for, in order to reflect on quality impact assessment of (international) youth work as a strategic approach.
  • to exchange good practices from other organizations by sharing and discussing tools and methods to measure impact of youth work activities inside and outside Erasmus+.
  • to collect indicators and recommendations for quality impact assessment on different stakeholders in youth work with a special focus on young people’s development.
  • to explore ways how to communicate the impact of youth work activities to other stakeholders.

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Jugendarbeit, Slowakei

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