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Improving Your Communication Skills


, Mollina, Málaga, Spanien

Spanish National Agency for Youth


If you and your organization want to take part in an international project under E+ but you feel that your weakness of communication skills, and practice of English, within the frame of Erasmus+ is an obstacle, this training course is what you need.

This training course is not a language course but an opportunity to strengthen confidence in using English to develop European projects, to improve your communication skills in international environments, the practice in English related to international youth work and to understand how intercultural situations can affect international team work and partnership. During the course you’ll practice exercises related to international youth work (for example, presentation of your organization, elaboration of a youth exchange programme, phone calls with a partner, etc.), as well as you’ll get used to the vocabulary of the European Erasmus + programme.

Target groups
Youth workers, people working in NGOs, associations, local authorities or governmental services, involved in the Erasmus + programme with A2 or B1 English level, who feel that their weakness of practice of English, and communication skills is an obstacle:

  • In their effort to network and build partnerships
  • To present and explain the reality of their organisation and their work
  • To prepare efficiently a project with their partners
  • To express clearly their objectives, aims or wishes…
  • Others...

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