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ImproWise Your Enterprise


, Ajdovščina, Slowenien

Društvo CPM // Youth Aid Centre Association – YACA


The aim of the project is to train youth workers to apply improvisational theatre as an innovative tool to increase the chances of youth entrepreneurship.

According to latest statistics, new generations of youth will give 50% of active workers of the European labour market by 2020. We wish to empower youth, who face challenges while entering the labour market as entrepreneurs.

To achieve the aim of the project we set the following objectives

  • to develop soft skills of youth workers through improvisational theatre
  • to increase the capacity of youth workers by enriching their working methods with improvisational theatre
  • to improve the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship of youth workers;
  • to provide an opportunity for sharing best practices focusing on using non-formal educational methods in the field of youth work to foster youth entrepreneurship
  • to use Youthpass as a tool for self-assessment, evaluation as well as recognition of non-formal learning.

We will train social and communication skills through improvisational theatre: active listening, observation, the use of physical space and voice, sensing others, creating and maintaining connection in communication, practicing different communication styles. We will also explore taking risks, senses of initiative and entrepreneurship, problem solving and much more essential skills for the entrepreneurial journey.

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Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Kommunikation, Non-formale Bildung, Slowenien

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