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International training programme 'Youth Empowerment and Change'


, - Dilijan, Armenien

European Intercultural Forum e. V.


When analysing the current situation in the EU and the EECA countries we observe that youth face several common challenges, with obvious peculiarities and different levels of intensity depending on the
country. To mention some of them, youngsters face difficulties to access the labour market, ineffective political participation, low-quality and limited opportunities for personal development, economical struggles, uncertainty towards future and a general feeling of impossibility to influence relevant changes to improve
youth situation.

The project aims to provide an overall understanding for youth workers on the mechanisms of change and the relevant role of youngsters in influencing the reality and triggering social changes.

At theoretical level, the framework of the training will recall to the importance of participation in any of its four dimensions "cultural, political, social and economic-, with a special focus on individual empowerment as a root to make this participation effective.

By understanding these different concepts and its interconnections, the training course will contribute to the organisations and youth workers development, raising their own capacities to participate and to empower their peers and target groups.

More precisely, the objectives of the Training Course are:

  • To understand the logics of theories of change and social transformation,
  • To deepen the understanding of participation amongst youth leaders and educators,
  • To explore the meaning of youth empowerment and tools to make it effective when working with youngsters,
  • To establish follow-up activities to empower and involve youngsters in the local communities of the participants.

The Training Course will include 24 participants from 12 countries from (Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Spain, and Ukraine). 2 German participants are required.

Conditions: As the project is partially financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, board and accommodation are fully covered by the organisers. Moreover 100% of the travelling expenses will be reimbursed by the organisers " up to a maximum amount of 360 EUR - upon presentation of the travel documents and boarding tags. Administrative fees: 24 EUR

Applicants: To apply to participate in this project, you have to be living in Germany and be involved in youth or social work as a volunteer or staff member of an organisation. Please send a short CV in English
and a motivation letter to eif.germany@googlemail.com.

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Armenien , Empowerment, Jugendarbeit, Mittel- und Osteuropa, Partizipation

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