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Involving Everyone: Learning through Erasmus+


, - Băile Herculane, Rumänien

Friedenskreis Halle e.V.


TC on the inclusion of participants with fewer opportunities. It aims to raise awareness on the importance of youth work in fighting social exclusion through non-formal activities and experiential learning.

It is widely recognised that social exclusion produces deep and long-term damage to the living conditions, socio-economic participation, emotional life, and wealth being of young people. Different factors play important roles in producing social exclusion. Poor levels of education, experiencing discrimination, monetary poverty, unemployment, living in remote geographical areas, and experiences of juvenile delinquency, are often indicated as the main factors of youth social exclusion.

Youth workers play an essential role in reaching and bringing together young people who face exclusion on a daily basis. They have the power to offer opportunities for preventing and remedying experiencing social exclusion among young people. By offering young people targeted support, opportunities for non-formal learning, access to information, and opportunities for positive integration into the local community, youth workers are able to reduce the risks of further social exclusion linked to lack of well-being.

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Jugendarbeit, Rumänien

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