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In this project the aim ist to gather Structured Dialogue (SD) actors to exchange good practices and develop a common strategy regarding the implementation of the SD by including KA3 quality projects in the general SD process.

The SD is a unique opportunity to gather young people with political representatives to exchange ideas and proposals to improve the situation of young people and youth policies. In addition, the SD is a unique tool that brings together various actors of the youth sector, from youth organizations to national authorities, politicians and youth workers.

However, it is perceived that the ideas and proposals emerging from dialogue between young people and political representatives often remain on paper and there is a lack of monitoring and implementation of SD.

General objective
To bring together Structured Dialogue actors (National Youth Councils, public authorities, organizations involved in Structured Dialogue projects, etc.) to exchange good practices and develop a common strategy regarding the implementation of the Structured Dialogue (SD) at national, regional and local level in order to incorporate KA3 quality projects in the general SD process.

Specific objectives

  • To increase the importance of the Structured Dialogue as a tool for youth participation in the development of policies that have an impact on them.
  • To exchange best practices, especially when it comes to follow and implement the conclusions of national / regional / local policies, so that there is a follow-up on projects.
  • To connect KA3 projects with the Structured Dialogue general cycle.
  • To generate new high quality projects within the Key Action 3 projects which are embedded within an overall strategy for impact in the territory, taking into account the general cycle for the Structured Dialogue.
  • To develop common strategies to propose ideas and steps to improve the monitoring phase and implementation to maximize the potential of the SD.

The actors involved in SD need:

  • Exchange about the reasons for the difficulties in implementing the SD.
  • Analyze the problems they face.
  • Exchange good practices already being put in place in some European countries.
  • Learn how to use the tool Erasmus + as implementation of SD, not only through KA3, but in other ways.

Thus, this seminar will serve as a point for the exchange of good practices and contacts between entities in different countries. Furthermore, the SD process, being European wide, offers the chance to link the various actors and ideas to promote it together and bring it a step further.

Expected results of the activity

Thanks to this project, it is expected to collect best practices to facilitate monitoring and implementing Structured Dialogue projects in order to include KA3 projects within the general cycle of the SD.

The methodology will be based on non-formal education and the input and proposals received from participants. There will be examples of good practice and open space for participants to share their experiences. In addition, national stakeholders will be invited to exchange proposals on the implementation of DE.

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Spanien, Strukturierter Dialog

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