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Learning Creative Learning

Seminar Konferenz/Kongress

, Riga, Lettland

Room of Fulfilled Dreams


International forum for trainers, youth workers and educators about creative learning and teaching methods, as well as enhancing creativity in work, non-formal education and classroom.

This forum is a part of the long-term strategic partnership project "Creative Learning Cookbook" which was designed with aim to foster creativity in learning process and youth work by means of classical, but a bit forgotten methods: storytelling, creative writing and visual facilitation.

During the forum three results of training courses will be introduced that were organized within this partnership. Brand new toolkits about using storytelling, creative writing and visual facilitation in the work with young people will be presented. You will have a chance to network, develop new project ideas and participate in workshops that will introduce you with several creative learning and teaching methods which might be useful in your own work.

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Kreativität , Lettland

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