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Let's Make it Home: seminar on inclusion of IDPs/refugees in hosting communities


, - Sumy, Ukraine

Center for European Initiatives


The seminar is aimed at empowering youth and NGO workers with tools and practices in working on inclusion and humanitarian support of IDPs (internally displaced people) and refugees.

- to share best practices between the NGOs and youth workers for the work with IDPs and refugees in hosting communities;
- to point out possible issues which could arise in the local communities experiencing the growing amount of IDPs and refugees and elaborate possible measures to deal with them;
- to compare the legal instruments existing in the countries of the participants concerning the status and support of the IDPs and refugees;
- to develop suggestions for local authorities for the possible measures to prevent possible conflicts in local communities;
- to develop follow-up initiatives for the support of IDPs and refugees in the communities of participants.

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Benachteiligte Jugendliche, Flüchtling, Migration, Ukraine

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