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Living together in Diversity, resolving conflicts, building an inclusive Europe.


GSI , Bad Bevensen, Deutschland

Gustav Stresemann Institut


This training seminar addresses itself to youth leaders and other multipliers, who already have had experience in youth exchanges or are likely to gain such experience in the future.

It focuses on the connection of intercultural and international (youth-) work and the promotion of Active European Citizenship.
By the cooperation of various partners from 6 different European countries and the involvement of minority-self-organisations and organisations working with migrants as target groups new net-work-structures will be created. Those structures will help effectively to facilitate young people of minority- or migration-background to participate more in international exchange and European youth politics.
Between those diverse organisations the intercultural dialog is to be promoted, as well as between organisations of the “old” and “new” EU-members.
First steps to the realization of common youth-exchange-projects, which focus on citizenship competencies and active participation in a lively democracy on European level should be made.
Theories of intercultural learning and practical methodology for international youth work will be discussed.
The training qualifies the participants to conduct complex intercultural processes and increase their intercultural competencies. Participants should develop sensitivity for the specifics of intercultural processes, for the role they play within this and for the challenges this kind of work demands of them personally.

Different games and exercises to understand the own and foreign cultural styles of perception and communication will be carried out and evaluated. Their suitability for Intercultural learning will be discussed. This way the participants fill up their personal box of methods. Participants will learn to choose methods, which fit their own idea of intercultural learning and perception in order to create a self-confident personal pedagogical style.

At the same time the multilateral composition of the group will offer participants the opportunity to meet potential partners, so that concrete projects can be planned. Time will be allocated for this. Practical know-how, for example on the rules and regulations surrounding E.U. project finance, will be made available.

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Deutschland, Internationale Jugendarbeit, Partizipation

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