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Managing Diversity: A Training for Youth Workers


, - Ommen, Niederlande

Armenian Progressive Youth


The Long Term Training Course has the following main objectives:

• To empower 26 youth workers, trainers and educators to develop diversity orientation in their work with young people and build their competence in diversity management;
• To support youth workers in incorporation of diversity into their working environment, thus, making their work more inclusive and effective;
• To promote diversity-oriented attitudes and awareness within the European programs in the fields of Education, Training and Youth;
• To introduce key theoretical aspects, the glossary as well as the practical tools, methods and instruments to the youth workers who seek to implement the concept of diversity in their work;
• To discuss how the European Youth Work can reinforce equality and ensure that diverse groups of people get equal treatment during trainings, seminars as well as other formal and non-formal educational settings;

Venues and dates:
- 12-19 August (including travel days): Ommen, the Netherlands;
- 6-14 October (including travel days): Yerevan, Armenia

NOTE! Selected participants should attend both the Training Course in the Netherlands and the Evaluation Meeting in Armenia as well as commit to implementation of 1 local activity.

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung:
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Armenien , Jugendarbeit, Niederlande

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