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Mindset and Solidarity


, - Dublin, Irland

Leargas (National Agency)


This is a contact making seminar supporting organisations in understanding what is the core principles underlying the European Solidarity Corps Programme.

This seminar will also be an opportunity for participants to meet other organisations engaged in both sending and hosting activities and to help support partner finding in the area of volunteering.


  • Help support newcomers understand the core principles of ESC and how it can be incorporated into your organisation.
  • Help support organisations previously involved in EVS transition into ESC.
  • Support participants to understand the differences and similarities for EVS and ESC.
  • Support participants understand the concept of ‘solidarity’ and how it can be applied to their organisation.
  • Help participants find partners for future ESC projects
  • Help participants gain knowledge on the key activities involved in ESC and provide a space to nurture the development of project ideas.
  • Provide a space for opportunity for ESC coordinators to exchange their experiences, share good practices and support each other in the transition from EVS to ESC.

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Europäischer Freiwilligendienst, Freiwilligendienst, Irland

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