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Minority Rights in EUrope - Play and Change


, - Struga, Mazedonien

Roma Youth Centre


This TC will address the issue of marginalization, social exclusion and loosing origin cultural identity of European minorities but also about good examples of protecting minority rights all over Europe using the theatre as a tool.

Through the methods of forum theatre this TC will encourage young people’s awareness and commitment to tackling these issues for a more inclusive, diverse and tolerant society. In this context, special emphasis will be placed in particular on the exchange about the minority rights situation in different European countries and about cultural awareness of their own identity.

This project aims to develop participants`skills, teaching them how to use theatre techniques in the sphere of youth work for more inclusively society, thus raising awareness of importance of their active engagement in fighting against marginalization and social exclusion.


  • To gain theatre skills necessary for understanding needs of socially excluded and marginalized young people such as: minorities, migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, Roma;
  • To give information about important forms of exclusion with the explicit aim of breaking negative stereotypes against minorities;
  • To experience human rights and social inclusion education activities and explore how to adapt them at local context
  • To motivate and encourage the young people to act as multipliers and promote initiatives that would foster inclusion of marginalized groups and also to improve pride of a personal cultural identity;
  • To share knowledge and experiences on challenges to combat marginalization and social exclusion faced by young people from marginalized European minority communities.

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Balkan , Benachteiligte Jugendliche, Mazedonien , Minderheit, Südeuropa, Theater

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