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Monitoring Children’s Rights


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Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)


This blended learning course is a basic introduction to the concept and practice of children’s rights monitoring. It is intended for child rights practitioners, children’s advocates and child-related professionals seeking to gain a practical understanding of the concept and practice of monitoring children’s rights as a means of strengthening programming and furthering advocacy activities that aim to promote and protect children’s rights.

Participants will learn about methodologies for carrying out monitoring (respecting child participation), the basics of choosing or constructing a children’s rights indicator, and the application of results for improving the promotion and protection of the rights of the child. Purely technical aspects of mathematical manipulation of indicators and statistical regression, however, will not be addressed.

Throughout the workshop part of the course, every participant will be working on her/his own, individual monitoring plan, tailored to his/her professional or educational context.

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Kinder, Menschenrechte, Partizipation, UN-Kinderrechtskonvention

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