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National Tool Fair in French Language


, - Paris, Frankreich

Agence du Service Civique , Agence nationale Erasmus + Jeunesse & Sports


This second National Tool Fair is opened to any creators or actors of educational tools, able to present their tools and work in French language. This event is part of an international approach of pooling educative tools, in the frame of the European strategy for development of tools in several languages and a multilingual educational Portal educationaltoolsportal.eu/platform/en . It’s also the preparation of XI° international Tool Fair which will take place in Malta from the 8th to 11th of November 2016. Similar initiatives are organised in Tunisiea, Turkey, and Italy.

This National Tool Fair is also opened to those who, in the frame of formal education, implement educational tools and methods which can be used in formal, non-formal and informal education and learning. Participants can be active in the frame of school, university, in NGOs, local authorities and also private companies, in particular in the field of social entrepreneurship.

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