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Newcomers in EVS


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Estonian National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme


The training course “Newcomers in EVS” will guide the representatives of the newly accredited EVS organisations towards better understanding of the different quality aspects of EVS and support their partnership building for future co-operations.

This training course has been developed in order to help the organisations to get started with first EVS projects, to plan the volunteers´ activities in quality way and to support the development of future EVS projects. The approach the TC is based on reflection of ones´ organisation reality, theoretical inputs and practical tools. Throughout the process attention will be kept on the basics and essence of EVS, reality of the EVS and on partnership building. In this way the training course will prepare the future receiving, sending and coordinating organisations for the different situations they may face and will support the realisation of the positive potential that EVS has for volunteers, organisations and local community.

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