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Peace+ Building a culture of Peace and Nonviolence


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SVAG – Stichting voor Actieve Geweldloosheid


Peace+ is a one week training course for youth workers to acquire knowledge and professional skills in nonviolence and peacebuilding, so that they can integrate these in their work. It is build on a two week training course from last year, Towards a Nonviolent World (ToNoWo). The training will focus on several core concepts from Johan Galtung, such as 'positive peace', (which refers to the title "Peace+"), structural violence, cultural violence and direct violence, and gives excercises to practice Constructive Nonviolence and Peacebuilding.

Aim and objectives

The over-all aim is to empower youth workers by knowledge, skills, insights and experiences so they can build a culture of peace and sustain peaceful international relations in and around the EU. The objectives are:

  1. To give youth workers the chance to reflect on nonviolence and their way of dealing with it in their personal and professional life, offering tools to resolve conflicts, possibly prevent them and build more peace in both their jobs and private lives.
  2. To present the opportunity to practice conflict resolution and communication skills in a culturally diverse setting, so that youth workers can understand the democratic principle 'agree to disagree', as well as the principle 'different but equal'.
  3. To counter radicalization of youth by letting them experience and understand ‘positive peace’ (valuing diversity and establish respect in community building), structural and cultural violence, meaning they challenge and deconstructing prejudices and get a birds-eye perspective on how different social problems are inter-connected in systems of violence.
  4. To facilitate intercultural understanding and cooperation as well as synergy in the field of youth work, by exchanging insights and knowledge among youth workers during (and after) the program and develop connections among them.

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