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Peer learning seminar: An activity within the framework of the Multilateral Cooperation Project: Enhancing learning mobility for all young people

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, Berlin, Deutschland

Jugend für Europa in Kooperation mit IJAB


he positive impact of learning mobility experiences on young people has been proven in many studies. The success stories told by young people in difficult situations about their turnarounds after having been abroad are often stunning. However, often enough these impacts are not known to or recognized by policy makers, institutions or employers. This peer learning seminar intends to improve the visibility of existing evidence of the positive impact of learning mobility with a focuson young people with fewer opportunities. Furthermore, it seeks to bring stakeholders and NGOs together to discuss what kind of evidence needs to be gathered for submission to public administrations, ministries, funding bodies, implementing organizations in various countries across Europe.

What do we mean by learning mobility?

All involved partners have agreed to use a common definition that is based on an adapted version of the European Platform on Learning Mobility’s definition of the term: Transnational mobility undertaken for a period of time, consciously organized for learning purposes or to acquire new competences or knowledge. It covers a wide variety of projects and activities in non-formal settings.

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