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Positive Leadership, Positive Change


, - Newbold House, Forres, Großbritannien

Newbold Trust


This training course will provide an opportunity to explore Leadership as a force for positive personal and societal change. It will offer practical tools and an experiential learning journey supporting participants to engage with their own potential as leaders.

Many young people report being disenchanted with what they see as a Society which is failing them. Increasing levels of youth unemployment, less job security, increased social tensions, fragmented communities and lack of appropriate support in life transitions can lead to young people feeling hopeless, directionless or even heading in a negative direction.

However young people harbour the potential to make deep and wide contributions to a more positive sustainable future and in creating healthy resilient communities. In order for this to happen young people must be supported in stepping into their own strengths and qualities. They need to learn that Leadership can take many forms and that everyone has the potential to lead in their own unique way.

This non-formal education project focuses on developing the competences needed to support young people to become leaders in their lives, communities and work, developing methods and tools to help them cultivate their own leadership style and on supporting them to recognise and utilise their resources and become an active force in society.

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