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Preventing Youth Extremism


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Training course for youth workers, working directly with young people, who are concerned about religious or political radicalisation of the young people they support.

This training course will give participants a deeper understanding of the concept of extremism and equip them with tools for understanding and working with those most at risk.

It will consist of workshops, lectures, group work and the sharing of experiences and challenges. There will also be input from academics researching religious radicalisation.

Participants will share best practice examples and engage with their own nations’ policies and responses to extremism/radicalisation

1) Identifying and understanding the causes of extremism/ radicalization
2) Recognise importance of dialogue on the concept of citizenship and to further develop the dynamics of identity along with the religious/political beliefs
3) Equip participants with the ability to identify those most at risk and with tools to respond to different levels of extremism/radicalisation
4) Designing and implementing activities in the frame of Erasmus+ to help the young people at risk

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Frankreich, Jugendarbeit, Prävention, Religion

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