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PROFIT: cooperation between organizations working with youth and business sector


, - Lviv, Ukraine

SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre (SALTO)


The training course aims to support competence development of NGO’s managers for creating more efficient cooperation ties with business sector in order:
1) To improve the level of employability of young people participating in youth organizations through strengthening transition of experience from non-formal education to labour market;
2) To stimulate recognition of NFE by business sector in participating countries through improvement of transparency of youth organizations' work and it’s quality;
3) To improve the functional capacity of NGOs working with youth through development of strategies stimulating financial support for youth projects from the side of business organisations;
4) To initiate ideas for strategic cross-sectoral partnerships (including opportunities for Erasmus+ funding within KA1 and KA2)
5) To synergise efforts of different sectors of society in order to enhance involvement of young people into community development on different levels

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