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Project Lab. How to design your project in Erasmus+: Youth in Action


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Do you have a concrete project idea and plan to apply for grant within Erasmus+: Youth in Action? Would you like to make sure that your idea fits in this frame? Would you like to raise the quality of your project in order to better fit the award criteria?

This “Project Lab” aims at enabling potential applicants to hand in high quality applications in the frame of Erasmus+: Youth in Action. It will give participants the chance to develop their project ideas in exchange with trainers, experienced beneficiaries and NA representativeds and get to know more about specific aims and objectives of the programme.

Objectives of the training course are:

  • to enable potential applicants to hand in an application within Erasmus+:Youth in Action
  • to raise quality of projects
  • to contribute to the participants’ understanding of aims and objectives of Erasmus+: Youth in Action and see if their project ideas match these aims and objectives
  • to facilitate an exchange between newcomers and experienced beneficiaries in order to inspire applicants and receive information based on practices from the field


  • are 18 years old or older
  • are youth workers, youth leaders or project managers
  • have a conrete project idea and plan to apply in the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme
  • have basic understanding of the youth chapter of Eramus+ Programme
  • are eligible applicants in the Youth chapter of Erasmus+ programme (see the Eramus+ Programme guide or consult your NA)
  • are willing to participate in the TC during its whole duration
  • Application procedure

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