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Public policies & youth participation in decision making

Seminar Konferenz/Kongress

, Marrakesch, Marokko

MasterPeace Morocco


The exchange program is designed for 30 local and international youth workers concerned about public policies and democracy through sharing best practices, and networking for better youth policies on youth participation, inclusion and employment.

The Exchange program aims to be a collective learning experience grounded in group learning, sharing of different practices around MENA, MEDA and Europe that can inspire action, presupposing critical and liberating dialogue.

Youth workers, leaders and representatives, local officers, academics and professionals with relevant experience in the field of Youth Participation in decision-making will be gathered during 4 days to share, discuss and present their perspectives, and understandings in what concerns youth participation in political life and in decision-making processes at local, national and international levels.


This seminar is based on the method of learning by doing, different non-formal learning techniques will be used, such as : games, simulations, theoretical input followed by active experiences and reflection, small group work, individual goal settings, sharing of experiences in the large group.

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Afrika, Marokko, Nordafrika, Partizipation

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