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Put on your gender glasses!


, - Pärnu, Estland

MTÜ Kalliralli


The project objectives are

  • To compare how gender norms may differ according to context;
  • To encourage reflection on gender assumptions that we may be not aware of;
  • To identify challenges young people face in relation to gender equality;
  • To examine the roles gender may play in youth work as well as the importance of gender equality and gender mainstreaming in youth work, projects and organizations;
  • To share specific tools and insights for a gender-sensitive approach to human rights education and youth work;
  • To examine different expressions of gender-based violence in youth contexts;
  • To train youth workers on raising awareness on the issue and, as a result, to mobilize and involve more young people in the prevention of gender-based violence;
  • To promote the core EU values of respect for human rights, gender equality, non-violence, social cohesion and diversity as well as cooperation under the Erasmus+ programme.

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Estland, Gender, Menschenrechte

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