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Queerasmus+: A Contact Making Seminar

Sonstige Partner-/Kontaktbörse

, Haraldsheim, Oslo, Norwegen

Erasmus+: Aktiv Ungdom


Are you working for/with a group of young people that can identify with the big and diverse LGBTQI umbrella? Would you like to meet other queer youth groups to network and learn about how you can get grants to realise your international cooperation?

Queerasmus+ is a contact making seminar where we invite representatives for queer youth groups to

  • learn from and get inspired by each other’s activities
  • find new reliable partners and build a safe and solid fundament for future cooperation
  • come up with creative ideas for international cooperation
  • get familiar with Erasmus+ and the funding possibilities it offers

The seminar will be based on non-formal learning activities such as games, team building activities, organisation fair, speed dating, roleplay, interactive presentations, workshops and group tasks.

Who: Participants should be youth workers, youth leaders or young representatives (18+) from a queer youth group or youth organisation. The contact making seminar is also open for participants from LGBTQI friendly organisations.

Participants should be interested in establishing international partnerships and be able to make decisions on behalf of the young people they are representing.

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