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Rediscovering cultures - promoting local heritage for rural community development


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Erasmus + Seminar addressed to youth workers interested in discovering new was of increasing youth participation in rural areas by encouraging young people to rediscover the unique cultural heritage of their small communities.

Young people living in disadvantaged rural areas are facing many difficult challenges in their everyday life. They are often suffering from having limited access to educational opportunities, which in turn diminishes their chances on the labor market. Low level of community involvement among young people from rural areas is commonly seen as a direct result of the above mentioned obstacles. However, we believe that the community involvement should actually be perceived as the solution to the above mentioned problems. By committing to work for the benefit of their surrounding, young people become more active, gain valuable knowledge and develop many essential social skills that can serve as a great advantage in both their professional and personal life.

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Armenien , Jugendarbeit, Mittel- und Osteuropa, Partizipation

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