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Regionet – international introductory training course on Youth Exchanges


, - Warschau, Polen

Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme


REGIONET is a training course for young people and youth leaders from Nordic countries, Baltic Area, Visegrad countries and Austria, interested in implementing Youth Exchanges in the frame of Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme. The aim of the training is to contribute to creating and developing high quality Youth Exchanges and to boost cooperation in the region.

The idea is to commence and boost cooperation of young people from Nordic countries, Baltic Area, Visegrad countries and Austria by introducing them Youth Exchanges rules and encouraging them to work in international partnerships on Youth Exchanges so that after the training course they are ready to submit their projects to respective National Agencies.

The objectives are:
- to deliver knowledge about the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme idea, rules, priorities, target groups etc.;
- to deliver practical knowledge of how to apply to the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme (registration, IT tools, e-forms etc.);
- to deliver knowledge of idea, rules, aims etc. of Youth Exchanges;
- to deliver information on planning and implementation of Youth Exchanges project;
- to create space for building international partnerships;
- to create space for sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences;
- to plan future Youth Exchange projects.

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Jugendaustausch, Polen, Projektarbeit , Projektmanagement

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