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Rewind Radicalisation: building up strategies against extremism


, - bei Prag, Tschechien

Antikomplex, Tschechien; Bulgarian Red Cross - Refugees & Migrant Service; EFSYN - Efimerida ton Sintakton, Griechenland; Human Rights Association, Georgien; Norsensus Mediaforum, Norwegen; UNITED for Intercultural Action


Considering that radicalisation and, even more, de-radicalisation are extremely complex topics, our conference aims to create a platform to:

  • understand what radicalisation is and where and how it starts,
  • listen to experts in this field and get some theoretical background,
  • find out how it affects our society by listening to personal testimonies,
  • work in groups on education, media, advocacy, campaigning or community work,
  • initiate joint actions for NGOs as well as produce future working materials,
  • pave the way for future cooperations.

The conference programme will combine debates, workshops, sharing of experiences, political cafes and many other methods for learning from practical experience.

The conference language is English.

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Prävention, Toleranz, Tschechien

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