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Right here, right now: Human rights! 1st EUROPEANS FOR PEACE youth conference


wannseeFORUM Hohenzollernstraße 14, 14109 Berlin, Deutschland

Stiftung wannseeFORUM & Stiftung EVZ


At the first youth conference 'Right here, right now: Human Rights!' participants will discuss the importance of human rights for them personally and for social solidarity. Together they look at their origin, the 30 articles and embed them in current contexts, such as escape and migration. They also address the question: What can each of us do to defend human rights? In the course of the conference they will learn about tools to get involved in everyday life and be celebrating together the spirit of 70 years of human rights.

The event is open to young people aged 16-27 from all over Europe and Israel. It is possible to participate alone or in a small group. The working language is English at everyday level.

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Asyl , Deutschland, Europa , Flüchtling, Menschenrechte, Migration

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