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Rights for Everybody – Human Rights Education for Youth Inclusion


, - Kobuleti, Georgien

Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education, Hungary


Human rights violations appear in diverse forms in modern European societies. Amongst the most common violations of human rights in Europe are restrictions in equal access to education, the labour market and health care as well as violations of the freedom of expression, equality before the law and daily life discriminations – violent or not – against minorities of any type. One of the minorities often affected by those human rights violations are sexual minorities suffering of all of the above mentioned restrictions in their lives imposed by both legal and social norms.

In this context, the training course will take a closer look at human rights violations, especially of sexual minorities, in order to strengthen the capacities of youth workers in responding with measures of inclusive youth work to daily forms of discrimination. For this purpose the project will bring together youth workers from several European countries including Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, to exchange practices and to engage into a mutual earning processes on human rights and human rights protection.

The course will include theoretical concepts on human rights protection as well as study visits to human rights defenders in Georgia and will additionally provide space and time to design needs-based, outcome-oriented and inclusive youth projects.


- To understand human rights and the state of human rights violations in European countries, especially the situation of sexual minorities

- To deconstruct the interdependencies between human rights and democratic participation

- To identify possible grass-root and youth-based measures for human rights protection

- To plan youth-based follow-up projects to foster human rights protection on local and European levels


- Human rights – conceptual and practical aspects

- Human rights in Europe with a focus on sexual minorities

- Human rights and human rights protection

- Practises of human rights defenders

Countries involved: Hungary, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Netherlands, Macedonia, Slovakia, Germany

Conditions: As the project receives funding by the Erasmus+ Programme, accommodation and food will be provided by the organisers. 100% of the travel costs to the venue and back will be reimbursed up to the maximum of the amount indicated by the distance calculator provided by the EC (275,00 – 360,00 EUR). Administrative fee: 24 EUR

Applicants: Each applicant has to fit the following profile:

- At least basic knowledge and experiences with the human rights and youth inclusion

- Willing to plan and realise a follow-up project after the course

- Readiness to participate in a mutual learning process in an intercultural environment

- Good level of English to follow the training course and readiness to fully participate in the course

To apply to participate in this project, you have to be living in Germany. Please send a short CV and a motivation letter to eif.germany@googlemail.com. Please mention the title of the project in the subject of your email.

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