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Save the date: European Platform on Learning Mobility Conference: Learning mobility in the youth field: towards opportunities for all - evidence, experience, discourse


, - Istanbul, Türkei

EU-CoE youth partnership in cooperation with the Turkish Erasmus+ National Agency, the Centre for European Union Education and Youth Programmes & different organisations and bodies


The European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM) is an open participatory space for exchange and cooperation between practitioners, researchers and policy makers. Its mission is to engage in the improvement, knowledge, visibility and recognition of learning mobility in the youth field.

The conference will explore the links and the synergies between learning mobility in the youth field and inclusion. It will be articulated around six main sub themes: Impact (evidence, experience, and testimonies); Recognition; Motivation for learning mobility; Information and guidance on opportunities for learning mobility; Quality of learning mobility. These six themes will be discussed through keynotes, workshops and panels.

Please confirm the deadline for registration with the organisers.

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Europa , Jugend, Mobilität, Türkei

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