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Seminar on Short-Term EVS

Seminar Konferenz/Kongress

, , Malta

National Agency Malta


A seminar aimed at exploring current challenges organisations are facing in relation to short-term EVS in relation to its development, promotion, greater uptake and successful implementation.

A 2 day seminar focusing on identifying challenges that organisations are currently facing in relation to short-term EVS. The seminar will create a space for sharing of knowledge and ideas and to explore ways to generate further awareness on short-term EVS and to create strategies on methods and tools to achieve this. The seminar is aimed at youth workers and stakeholders working directly in short-term EVS or who work with young people who are potential participants in EVS.


  • Identify the benefits of EVS with particular focus of short-term projects;
  • Identify common trends organisations are facing - in relation to short-term EVS;
  • Explore modes of increasing participation in short-term EVS;
  • Create a timeline of initiatives which will improve participation;
  • Explore promotional tools which can be utilised to increase awareness

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