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Our contact-making activity was designed to bring together LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) youth workers, youth organisations and initiatives from all over the Europe. For eight days, participants will learn about each other’s organisation, explore possibilities for cooperation and think about future projects. Because their home organisations vary greatly in size, age and scope, sharing of experience and best practice will be easy. Participants will be involved in presentations, discussions, ideas generating activities, all with the aim to create strong bonds for future projects. 32 participants from the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Greece and Bulgaria will spend the week in the beautiful nature getting to know each other and planning a better future for their organisations and LGBTQ youth they serve and build foundations for better future of LGBTQ youth in Europe.

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Gleichstellung , Homosexualität , Slowakei, Peer-Learning

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