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Social competences & creativity as a stepping stone towards personal growth, social development and employability


Vlaams-Europees verbindingsagentschap vzw Kortenberglaan 71, B-1000 Brüssel, Belgien

Serious Games for Social & Creativity Competencies


The project is focusing on the importance of social skills and creativity for people with disabilities which is fundamental to both social integration and professional self-realisation.
It is dedicated to conceptualisation and development of social competence in terms of training related to adult education, school curricula and professional development through the creation of serious games and other exercises that make use of ICT.

A set of training materials on social competences and creativity using 3D scenarios, web and mobile games has been created in English, Bulgarian, German, Dutch, Turkish, Serbian & Lithuanian.

Target groups:
- Trainers/teachers of special education
- Social workers
- People with disabilities
- Parents/friends/colleagues
- Representative organisations of people with disabilities
- Personal assistants / personal caregivers
- Policy makers
- Educational software / game developers

Attendance is free but registration is obligatory.

Please confirm the deadline for registration with the organiser.

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