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Social entrepreneurship for Youth Workers with youths with intellectual disabilities


, Vilnius-Kaunas, Litauen

European social entrepreneurship and innovative studies institute


The Social Entrepreneurship training for Youth Workers will focus on helping Youth Workers and Youth Leaders who are interested in the concepts of social innovation and social entrepreneurship for a better future. The programme aims to give Youth Workers and Youth Leader innovative tools for sustainable change.

The five days course is designed to motivate and give tools to participants to become entrepreneurs towards the social good. The training will also explore how social entrepreneurship can enhance the impact of young people with intellectual disabilities work and entrepreneurial skills, as well as integration into the market.

Main Aim

To transform traditional youth workers into agents of social change who can scale up the potential and impact of existing social enterprises and innovations.

Objectives of training

  • To identify youth workers’ perspectives about social entrepreneurship in their own social context.
  • To extend youth workers’ knowledge about initiative, innovation and creativity in their effect on social work.
  • To help youth workers to reach enterprising qualities that can be reached for public good.
  • To encourage the youth workers to link social work and entrepreneurship as a means of working towards the public good.
  • To encourage youth workers to become the main actor of sustainable change within their own community.
  • To explore how social entrepreneurship can enhance the impact of volunteer work and enhance the volunteering experience of the participants.
  • To address risk taking and risk management in voluntary work.
  • Develop the networking potential and build partnerships of CANDLE project consortium member organizations that would increase the understanding of the concept of social entrepreneurship and innovations.
  • To ensure and increase the active participation of youth workers in CANDLE consortium members organized events.

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Jugendsozialarbeit, Litauen

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