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Start a CHANGE with Youth EXCHANGE!


, - Sępólno Krajeńskie, Polen

Stowarzyszenie "Dorośli - Dzieciom"


This is NOT a project for people who already have a lot of experience in E+ but for those who would like to get involved more actively as group leaders, designers and coordinators of youth exchanges, but so far did not have the right moment for it.

With this contact-making event we want to make it easier for young youth leaders that are just getting active in youth work (or want to become active) to discover “the magic” of developing and implementing international youth exchanges within Erasmus+ programme.
We want to provide them with all necessary knowledge, tips and skills on how to develop and implement youth exchanges, so, that as a result of this project they could come “home” with concrete project ideas that could be submitted and implemented.

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Jugendaustausch, Polen

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