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Team Up! Quick start for international youth-work


Bildungsstätte Bredbeck , Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Deutschland

Bildungsstätte Bredbeck, Osterholz-Scharmbeck


German-Polish-Ukrainian professional youth-workers exchange

This exchange program is looking for young people, who have made positive experiences with international youth-exchange and are interested in a change of perspective: Team Up! qualifies participants to team in international youth-programs. We focus on the specific challenges and chances that lie within German-Polish-Ukrainian youth exchange programs.

The project is funded by the German-Polish youth-bridge (DPJW). There are five spaces for each nationality.

The program includes:

  • Barcamp of methods and games for international youth exchange
  • Role and responsibilities of a team leader
  • Goals and methods of cultural education in theory and practice
  • Goals and methods of political education in theory and practice
  • Excursion to youth programs and initiatives in Bremen
  • Challenges and chances for the German-polish-Ukrainian project: Discussion to the current political situation, consequences for youth exchange programs.
  • How to deal with (cultural) diversity.
  • The questions of financing projects with a focus on DPJW guidelines.
  • The dynamics of group work and how to deal with conflicts
  • Working together in an international team
  • Excursion to youth programs and initiatives in Bremen and Osterholz
  • Visit of a cultural event in Bremen
  • Quick start to project management
  • The conception of individual ideas for projects
  • How to say goodbye, how to design long-term projects working in the field of youth work 

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Deutschland, Internationale Jugendarbeit, Jugendaustausch, Polen, Praxis, Teamer/-in, Ukraine

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