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Technological Upcycling


, - Pompei, Italien



Technological Upcycling is a training course for youth workers willing to experiment new ways of engaging their traget public via technological gadgets, especially electronic prototyping boards and wearable technology.

Technological upcycling is the practice of transforming or repurposing junk items bound to be thrown away, with the aid of technological gadgets such as microcontrollers, motors and sensors. This can provide the missing link between the environmental and technological approaches to youth work. Thus, technologically-minded youth workers can employ the tools they privilege to tackle environmental issues, whilst environmentally-minded practitioners can integrate new methods in their professional settings.

The youth workers training will be an attempt to sensitize participants to new tools and methods in youth work. Its objectives are the following:

  • Innovate youth work by introducing new practices based on the combination of environmental education and technology-based activities
  • Exchange on the emergence of digital youth work
  • Sensitize youth workers to initiatives around DIY and digital culture

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