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The Insightrainer Creatrainer Workshop Series I: CREATIVE WRITING


, - Istanbul, Türkei

Turkish National Agency


This workshop is part of a series with the overall objective of increasing the quality of the work done by trainers in the youth field. This is to be achieved through the development of youth trainer´s competences, in particular educational tool experimentation, adaptation, design, and creation; as well as insight enhancement of the participants (the ability to reflect on one´s own practice, be conscious and aware of one´s own youth work practice). Creative writing skills are the focus of this particular workshop and their development will be pursued while exploring the practice, potential, and the limitations of youth work with and about refugees.

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung:
Informationen auf dija.de

Flüchtling, Jugendarbeit, Kreativität , Migration, Türkei

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