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Think global - eat local

Fachprogramm/-kräfteaustausch Sonstige

Naturfreundehaus Feldberg , Feldberg, Deutschland

Naturfreunde Deutschland


Naturfriends travel with respect. We respect future generations by not carelessly contributing to climate change, wasting resources or destroying natural habitats. We do respect the people living at the destination, as we enter into the exchange and are open to intercultural experiences. We do respect our fellow travellers as we recognize them in their diversity and involve them in a common and positive group experience. This is model for this program. Six in the environmental section active youth organizations come together to deal critically with the everyday social consumption of western societies. As part of this exchange, skills will be developed to implement appropriate policies for sustainable consumption: in youth groups, on youth activities, in local neighborhood , community or city , school or university.

Participants will spend 8 days together, a period, which is characterized by particular values. They will not only see new places and people. They will learn what it means to participate in a group, to participate in democratic processes, to open up to other cultures and how to integrate people with handicaps. The intensive group experience ensures that the learning is particularly durable and effective.

Common values of the Naturefriends movement will be discussed. These values also characterize the exchange: self organization through volunteerism and participation. Sustainable tourism is the core philosophy of our program: An environmentally friendly and socially responsible travelstyle is a contribution to the practice of a sustainable lifestyle.

Volunteers play a central role in the planning and implementation of our various offers. They connect educational, social and environmental aspects with fun for the participants. With this project we want to show young volunteers from six countries, how the abstract concept of sustainability can be translated into everyday practice in youth work, youth meetings, freetime camps and in daily life.
According to the project “Natura in Action” and we will built up a trail on the subject of sustainability around the venue. That will be a tool which you can take to your home countries for further practise in your organization and neighborhood.

Please check the deadline with the organizer.

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