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Bureau International Jeunesse


This training course will tackle the potential obstacles that keep local organisations from applying, focusing on developing the project management skills and sense of initiative as well as to redefine the concepts non-understood for future beneficiaries of the Erasmus+/Youth in Action Programme, especially under Key Action 1 (KA1) “mobility of youth workers”.

The specific objectives of the course are:

  • to promote the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme as an educational tool;
  • to explore Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme with a special focus on quality; international cooperation;
  • to understand the role Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme within a long term local strategy;
  • to develop the first steps of organizing a ‘Mobility of Youth Workers’ project in the youth field within an international team;
  • to develop participant’s competences in planning Non Formal Education and Intercultural Learning processes;
  • to promote Youth Participation and Active Citizenship as key elements when designing a European and international project.
  • to offer opportunities to set up international partnerships in the perspective for future projects

ATTENTION: Working language is French.

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