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Tool Fair X – Cross the line


, - Budapest, Ungarn

NIFSP - Erasmus+ Youth National Agency


We are happy to announce that the Tool Fair X will take place in Hungary, Budapest. The 10th edition of the Tool Fair continues with a concept which is well-known in the youth field, offering an exciting combination of “laboratory” and “market” to experience tools for learning.

For those who are ready to cross the line experiment, stretch the brain from left to right side, challenge the mindsets about learning can be expected.

The event is aiming to provide more space for different sectors (youth, formal and non-formal educational and business) in the programme by creating a learning environment which is beneficial for each sector’s representatives.

The Aims of Tool Fair X are:
• to develop the quality and variety of Tools for Learning in the European Youth Field,
• To contribute to the educational and experiential pathway of each participant, particularly in relation to the competences of creating and using such tools
• To contribute to the future direction of the Tools for Learning strategy, including the future of Tool Fairs
• To celebrate the successes of ten years of Tool Fair activity

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung:
Informationen auf dija.de

Europa , Jugendarbeit, Non-formale Bildung, Ungarn

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