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Towards collaborative practice 2016. Forum on social innovation and entrepreneurship

Seminar Konferenz/Kongress

, Lecce, Italien

Italian "Erasmus+" National Agency


The wider aim of the event is to build a European network of projects, ideas and experiences of social innovation and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on Erasmus+/Youth in Action opportunities. The forum will be an opportunity to discuss future pathways for social innovation and entrepreneurship, explore new opportunities and build a platform for cooperation on innovative projects and initiatives.


  • Create a common understanding of social entrepreneurship and social innovation, and impact creation;
  • Facilitate networking and collaboration among participants;
  • Offer an opportunity for sharing ideas, tools, methods, challenges and good practices;
  • Provide information on Erasmus+ funding opportunities to promote project building to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Italien, Praxis

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