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Towards collaborative practice - European conference on youth work, social innovation and enterprise


, - Malmö, Schweden

Swedish "Erasmus+" National Agency


A cross-sector conference exploring the potential of youth work in fostering social entrepreneurship and advancing cooperation between different sectors to better support social innovation and entrepreneurship among young people in Europe.

A wide range of skills are seen as entrepreneurial and useful to entrepreneurs. They can ensure a better transition from education to the labour market for young people, improving their employability and giving them more chances to find or create the jobs to which they aspire.

Youth work enables young people to develop the entrepreneurial skills which are important in all aspects of their daily lives. However the role of youth work in fostering entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship has rarely been a topic of inquiry in its own right. Nevertheless, youth work is a field which has developed tremendously across Europe, whilst ‘Erasmus+ Youth in Action’ has been particularly influential in bringing young people closer to the soft skills they need in a competitive labour market.

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Jugendarbeit, Schweden

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