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Training Course “Battling homophobia and bullying among youth”


, Novi Sad, Serbien

Regionalni Info Centar


LGBT youth suffers homophobia, violence and lack of solidarity from their peers nor their teachers during their schooling period. Attempts of LGBT and Human rights organization in Serbia to tackle this problem wasn't fruitful, because for any activities in schools one needs special permission from the Ministry of Education, that wasn't willing to cooperate on these issues.
Similar situation regarding homophobia, bullying and violence in schools is present in Bosnia and Herzegovina and partially in Croatia, and with this project we will exchange experiences and knowledge, and find alternative ways in solving these issues, especially in cooperation with our partners from Germany.
Although mechanism for protection of individuals against discrimination exist (on different levels in our countries and in Europe in general) there should be more activities aiming on supporting the individuals in threat of discrimination and violence, but also aiming at the mainstream youth in order to raise their understanding and level of tolerance.
The organizers like to propose another way of solving this problem through the network of Youth organizations and organizations working with Youth.

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Balkan , Gender, Gesundheit, Serbien

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