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Training for Trainers


, - Ommen, Niederlande

Olde Vechte Foundation


Training for Trainers is a 7-day international course for trainers experienced in the youth field and it's build upon 4 elements: provocative training, unique method of training design, somatic aspects of trainership and contextual learning.
Training for trainers is a 7-day training course organised by Olde Vechte Foundation, a training center with a long history in non-formal education, coaching, personal development, social and cultural work since 1966.

<< WATCH OUT! The training is for experienced trainers in the youth field, it is designed for those who already are experienced in working with groups of young people, have their training method and understand the progress of creating and delivering a training. >>

We offer spots for 24 participants. This group size allows the close work with the main trainers and the small team of international assistant trainers.

The training aims to challenge the current working methods of the participant and to provide answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I as a trainer/youth worker?
  • What are my unique qualities?
  • In which direction do I want to develop my method?

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