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Transatlantic Summer Academy On Sustainability – University Students Exploring Sustainability From An Intercultural Perspective


Jacobs University Bremen 28359 Bremen, Deutschland

InterCultur gGmbH, AFS Intercultural Program USA & Jacobs University Bremen


Global change, ecosystem degradation and resource limitations are challenges today’s diverse human societies are facing and have to endure. Hence, “Sustainable Development” has become an agenda pursued by many, if not all, nations in the world. Due to the global significance of these ecological issues it is all the more important to cooperate and find a common working basis to resolve them. Intercultural difficulties or a different approach to sustainability, dependent on one’s cultural background, should not be the reason for this plan not to succeed. This is why this innovative Transatlantic Summer Academy now explores sustainability from an intercultural perspective. It brings together university students from Germany and the USA to work on questions like the following: How is development related to environmental problems? What is sustainable development? How do people in the world perceive sustainability? How can we solve the problems that arise when different cultural values meet?

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