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U-turn: learning journey for trainers in the youth field


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Are you curious about your professional identity as a trainer? Are you willing to deepen your unique path as a youth field trainer? Are you curious about the European Youth Work field and your role in it?

If you have made your first steps into training others (volunteers, youth worker, young people) you would like to reflect on your paths as trainer, deepen it and consider European youth work developments as a plus, please come to U-Turn!

This training opportunity aims

  • to contribute to the quality development of youth work on local, national and European level by developing competences of trainers active in the field who will be able
  • to develop their professional identity as trainer and facilitator in the youth field and based on this become more pro-active and connected,
  • to commit themselves to an on-going competence development process according to the Competence Model for trainers to work internationally, developed in the frame of the European Training Strategy in the field of Youth,
  • to link their training practice with relevant learning theories in general and their educational approach specifically,
  • to collaborate with partners in the bigger picture (NAs, international organisations, other trainers etc.) for bringing a stronger European dimension into the youth training field, and
  • to relate their training work to the bigger picture of European Youth Work.

What will be in the U-Turn?
The training content will be largely influenced by the learning needs of participants. It is an invitation to build the course on each other’s talents, ideas and wisdom, experiment and take hands-heart-head approach to learning. The course will tackle in addition to the aims furthermore the following important aspects:

  • the relationship between trainer, participant and group and group dynamic in general,
  • different roles and responsibilities of a trainer,
  • the creation of inspiring learning environments, and
  • the essentials of training programme design.

The methodology will be based on principles and approaches coming from experiential learning, self-directed learning and Theory U as a practice supporting processes of transformative learning.

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