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“VOLU.M.E” - Volunteer Management Enhanced


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“VOLU.M.E” Volunteer Management Enhanced training course is focused on offering an experience in Volunteering management to persons in organization which already have at least 1 experience as international Hosting organization. The term Enhanced promotes the idea of going deeper into Volunteer management steps, exchange of expertise, good practices, stories, disappointments, bad practices etc .. It will also work on the Role of the Mentor of the volunteer as an important element in the whole process.
Within the framework of this training, there will be a one day interaction with local hosting organizations in Cyprus.

The training course aims at developing competencies of youth workers and organizations in volunteer management and mentoring of EVS volunteers. The purpose is to enhance the quality of EVS projects as learning experiences in all levels from the writing of a project right through the closing and evaluation.

Specific topics addressed:
1. Volunteering as a learning process
2. Quality in Volunteer management
3. Volunteerism Volunteer management steps:
o Preparation of the organization
o Recruitment of volunteers
o Selection of volunteers
o Orientation and training of Volunteers
o Supervision of volunteers
o Motivation of volunteers
o Recognition of volunteer merits
o Evaluation of volunteers

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