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WHAT ARE WE AFRAID OF? Xenophobia and Islamophobia in European Societies


, - Bad Bevensen & Berlin, Deutschland

Gustav Stresemann Institut in Niedersachsen e.V.


Are refugees afraid of having no future? Are politicians afraid of migration issues because they cause social frictions? Are citizens afraid of national identities getting lost? Are critics afraid of Islam because it causes a danger for Western democracy? Are demonstrators afraid of one-sided media gaining the upper hand? In this project, participants will address these burning issues related to the fear surrounding foreigners. They will investigate what it actually is that people are afraid of and why.

The seminar is for youth leaders from Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Northern Ireland.

Check the deadline for registration with the organisers.

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Demokratie, Deutschland, Europa , Fremdenfeindlichkeit, Gesellschaft, Großbritannien, Islam, Litauen, Migration, Polen

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