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WHAT KEEPS SOCIETY TOGETHER? The challenge of diversity in the U.S. and Germany


Europäisches Bildungs- und Tagungshaus Bad Bevensen Bad Bevensen & Berlin, Deutschland

Gustav Stresemann Institut in Niedersachsen e.V.


African Americans shot dead by white policemen in the U.S. – these and similar news again raised the issue of civil rights and equality in American society. In the presidential election campaign, many concerns about Muslims and immigrants threatening “Western” democracy have been voiced. In Germany the populist right-wing “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) gained many votes by fueling the controversial debates on immigration and diversity. Do these discussions indicate that a general consensus is lost in both countries? Are our societies falling apart? And what keeps society together in the first place? With this project for German and American students who also come from diverse backgrounds, we will seek answers to major questions in the debate.

1. “Winners” and “losers” in our societies

2. Basic values of our societies

3. Dialogue and diversity in times of migration

4. Prospects of an inclusive society

Group size: 10 participants p. country; total group size: 20 participants plus team

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Amerika , Demokratie, Deutschland, Diversity, Migration, Zusammenleben, Active Citizenship, USA,

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